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Wanted:   Web site content providers!   Do you have great photos from the last foyer group at your house?  Do you know some interesting facts about the history of your church & parish?  How about a prayer or meditation that made your day and you would like to share?   Did your Church School class do a great project you want the rest of LCEM to know about?   Do you have a suggestion for a fun contest for the kids?  Or for the adults? (let's not let the kids have all the fun!)  Please contact Mary Grzywa  to get it included in our web site.  

HEY KIDS - Want to be super-popular???   Sign up to be the official quiz reward person at your home church.  All you'll need to do is to remember to give the prize (usually a candy bar) to the winner of the weekly quiz.  You'll get an email telling you when a person from your church has won.  You'll know where the secret stash of prizes is kept and give one to the winner before or after church.   Please contact Mary Grzywa  to sign up.  We need someone at each church!  

            Christ Church Ottawa Team:  Alyssa & Alice

Wanted:  People to host foyer group!   Please contact Buffy Hoskins or Fran Sires if you are in the mood to give a party.  Can be as simple or fancy as you like!!!

Wanted:  Bible verse quiz editor.  Come up with a new quiz and the secret answer every week!   Please contact Mary Grzywa if you are interested.  

Current LCEM Volunteers:  Submit a help wanted ad for your ministry